ARTIS 2.0 Launch & IDO Details

Due to the far advanced technological features of ARTIS 2.0, the team offers the current ATS coin holders to join ARTIS 2.0 and define the circulating token supply.

Current ATS coin holders on ARTIS ∑1 have the option to become part of the ARTIS 2.0 (=ARTIS ∑2) network and they will define the circulating token supply of the future network planned to launch in Q3/2021.

Due to the high gas fees on Ethereum and the importance to have a broad token distribution the xDai Chain will be used for all activities - including the listing on the Honeyswap DEX - on the way to ARTIS 2.0.

IDO means Initial DAO Offering, because ARTIS 2.0 will be managed by the ARTIS DAO and therefore is fully decentralized.

Further details about ARTIS 2.0 can be found in the roadmap, the comparison and in the Whitepaper (in progress).

ARTIS ∑2 transition path and timeline.

STEP 1 - Bridge

Transfer ATS coins from ARITS ∑1 via a the bridge to the xDai Chain and receive xATS_tmp tokens.

A detailed how-to can be found at: ARTIS <> xDai Chain Bridge (soon)

Important Deadline: This bridge will stay open until April 15, 2022 (for about 1 year).

STEP 2 - Launch Contract

Transfer xATS_tmp tokens to the 'Launch' smart contract (available soon) and receive xATS tokens.

Total xATS token supply: 300m The distribution will be re-allocated, where 20% of the xATS token will go to the xATS Sender and 10% or max. 30m xATS tokens are reserved for a Gnosis EasyAuction and the subsequent Honeyswap listing. About 70% or the difference to reach a total token supply of 300m xATS will be reserved in the Community Pool to be released towards the ARTIS DAO which will be governed with the gATS token.

Important Deadlines: 1) There will be a 0.2%/day reduced share the sender will receive starting with April 16, 2021 (5 days after starting the Gnosis EasyAuction), in order to mitigate the possible advantage of the block reward for current validators. 2) The 'Launch' smart contract will stay open until April 15, 2022 (1 year). This is when it is clear what the exact circulating supply is, while the total supply will never exceed more than 300m ATS.

Date / Timeframe

ATS Sender

ARTIS 2.0 Pools

until April 16, 2021



1 month later



6 months later



1 year later (April 15, 2022)



STEP 3 - EasyAuction

The 'Auction & Liquidity' Pool will be used to provide xATS tokens for a Gnosis powered EasyAuction system (currently developed and specified, see Github). An EasyAuction is a way to find a fair price for a token, because everyone can provide a bid at any time and define the price freely (above a minimum price). If there are more bids than the provided token supply, the highest bids will get the tokens and will only pay the lowest full settlement price (= Final Price).

The details for the auction are not yet fully defined and will be released soon. In order to give you a sense of what parameters we will have:




1 Month, starting on April 11, 2021 till May 10, 2021

Withdrawal Period

TBD, time before bids are locked

Min. xATS price

TBD, minimum bidding price

Min. xDAI Funding

TBD, minimum auctioning amount

Auctioned xATS Tokens

TBD, total amount of available tokens

Min. xATS bid package

TBD, smallest token package to bid on

gATS Token Distribution

Additional rewarding of early and general participation

STEP 4 - Honeyswap DEX Listing

Due to the high gas fees on Ethereum and the importance to have a broad token distribution the initial listing will happen on the Honeyswap DEX. Further decentralized and centralized exchanges will be evaluated as well.

Planned Listing Date: May 11, 2021

The listing price will be defined by the IDO via the Gnosis EasyAuction.

The token pair is still to be decided.

STEP 5 - ARTIS ∑2 Genesis

ARTIS ∑2 will start in Q3/2021 with a 2-token setup:

  • sEUR as a stable coin for the payment of transaction fees; generated on Ethereum via Synthetix.

  • ATS as a staking token needed to become a validator / candidate or to be used for staking on one of the existing validators / candidates.

xATS token holder will be able to bridge their tokens from the xDai Chain to the ARTIS ∑2 network and receive ATS.

There will be also use cases for the xATS token on xDai Chain and likely on Ethereum as well, as they are the most driving decentralized financial systems. For further information, please have a look at the roadmap.