ARTIS ∑2 will enable new use cases in connection with IoT devices. Effortless on-boarding of users is therefore essential for the success of DApps.

Public blockchains typically use a volatile coin to pay transaction fees - e.g. ETH for Ethereum or AVAX for Avalanche. While transaction fees are typically low as long as the limited block space is not filled, transaction fees become outrageously high, once blocks are filled - e.g. in Ethereum simple transactions can easily cost 5 EUR.

Real-world applications can't handle that and need transaction cost < 0.01 EUR.

ARTIS ∑2 uses sEUR as its coin and therefore there will be no volatility for the price of the coin. Additionally the available block space will only have to be paid if it exceeds 20% of total capacity:

  • 0 sEUR transaction fee for 20% of the block space

  • ~0.0002 sEUR transaction fee for simple transactions (Gas price: 10 Gwei)

ARTIS ∑2 will have 0€ or very low, predictable transaction fees.

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