Digital Wallet - Minerva

Minerva is the only wallet for self-sovereign identities🦉and money's 💵. It's allowing you to maintain full control over your funds, credentials and data. 🚀

Digital wallets could become or are already the gatekeepers to access blockchain systems - e.g. through listing hurdles. Furthermore, they are either dealing with crypto or self-sovereign identities, but never both.

For most real live use cases (e.g. buying / selling energy) we need both - identity & money. Minerva offers that in the most decentralized way via DIDs and Verifiable Credentials, standardized by the W3C.

This combination will enable solutions the Web2.0 can't offer:

  • Going beyond payment system monopolies

  • Password-less registration and login

  • Seamless integration with IoT devices

  • Low cost fraud prevention via smart contracts

  • GDPR friendly selective disclosure of data

  • ...

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