The ARTIS roadmap outlines activities for the next 6 months in greater detail and further ideas what likely into focus at a later stage.
Due to the abrupt and unexpected halt of the planned Gnosis Auction, the roadmap is not reflecting the current status. Please read more in our blog post.
You find the current high-level roadmap on the ARTIS website.
The ARTIS roadmap is an approximate outline what we think will be needed in the future. It is subject to changes depending on market conditions, community feedback and funding.
The ARTIS 2.0 network (called ARTIS ∑2) will start as a new blockchain with a new coin distribution and a 2-token concept like xDAI Chain. Transaction fees will be paid in sEUR token (Synthetix).
The ARTIS 2.0 network will be fully governed and funded by the ARTIS DAO via the gATS governance token. Therefore, the lab10 collective will initially help to bootstrap it, but the priorities will be defined by the ARTIS DAO.
Last update: 29 March, 2021 | Change Log

During Q4/2020 the integration of Honey Badger BFT progressed and in October a first testnet was set-up and ran stable (see Tweet).
  • Specify and communicate the transition path from ARTIS 1.0 to ARTIS 2.0
  • Setup bridge from ARTIS ∑1 to xDAI Chain and the 'Launch' contract to re-allocate xATS token into pools, governed by the ARTIS DAO
  • Implement initial governance for ARTIS 2.0 related token pool management (multi-sig / gATS governance token)
  • Public HBBFT consensus testnet including epoch changes

In line with the general roadmap on the ARTIS website, it is all about getting towards establishing a public price for ATS as well as establishing liquidity for traders.
  • Integrate bridging ATS --> xATS into the Minerva wallet and describe the needed actions when using Metamask for the transition
  • Define, prepare xATS token Gnosis Auction
  • Define incentivised testnet operation of future ARTIS 2.0 validators

In Q2 the focus is on everything which is needed to start and finish the Gnosis Auction of xATS on the xDAI Chain and the listing on Honeyswap DEX with liquidity mining support. Technically the start of ARTIS 2.0 (∑2 network) is prepared.
  • Build and provide the gATS token managed ARTIS DAO governance system
  • Provide tools and technical guidelines for ARTIS 2.0 (∑2 network)
  • Implement xATS liquidity mining (TBD by ARTIS DAO)
  • Adapt Blockscout explorer if necessary for the finial 2-token concept
  • Run incentivised testnets with future ARTIS 2.0 validators

New projects, new cooperations and good ATS liquidity are being worked on.
  • Integrate direct xDAI purchase and WalletConnect into the Minerva wallet
  • Finish xATS token Gnosis Auction provide Honeyswap liquidity and establish the ARTIS DAO governance for token pools
  • Distribute gATS token to Gnosis Auction participants
  • Announce infrastructure corporations for ARTIS 2.0
  • On-boarding energy and mobility startups

After the Gnosis Auction, Honeyswap DEX listing and some liquidity mining, it is likely that there are still some issues to solve regarding the resilience of the node software and the governance system. Another important development is around easy understandable performance metrics of nodes in order to give guidance for delegators (stakers) and the ARTIS DAO governance system.

In line the outlined use cases the build-up and strengthening of business ties to startups and corporations as well as governmental bodies will be in focus. This in turn will feedback on technical developments due to the needs of the users.
There are good reasons to also have a CEX Listing and this will be evaluated once the liquidity on the used DEX is sufficient.

Although ARTIS 2.0 has a high performance and can handle easily hundreds of transactions per second, it is likely that once adoption kicks in a layer 2 rollup will be needed to avoid capacity constraints.

Cross-chain exchange, the listing of ATS on another EVM blockchains or on a layer 2 rollup will be evaluated and considered.
Further business ties in connection with the establishment of a decentralized commons infrastructure are continued.

29 March, 2021
Minor updates, EasyAuction --> Gnosis Auction
3 March, 2021
Minor update, reflecting the start of the EasyAuction in April
31 January, 2021
ARTIS 2.0 new blockchain; new coin distribution; 2-token system
15 January, 2021
Adjustments regarding ARTIS DAO governance and token auction
12 January, 2021
Major updates, beyond just referring to the ARTIS website
November, 2020
First time publishing
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