Step 2: Launch Contract

Convert your xATS_tmp into xATS

Only if you have xATS_tmp tokens (from Step 1), you have to do this step.

Transfer xATS_tmp tokens to the 'Launch' smart contract and receive xATS tokens.

Exchange rate: 5:1, e.g. for 5 xATS_tmp you receive 1 xATS

'Launch' Contract address: 0x1Cb33B22118d1e60545A5241fF187f737B21732c

The contract can be found via the xDai Chain blockchain explorer (here) and is available on Github (here).

The xATS token contract address to add the token to the wallet is: 0x62f5cAA239A97b21AA61502963Cf8C33F8182e79

The xATS token contract can be found via the xDai Chain blockchain explorer (here).

Important Deadlines: 1) There will be a 0.2%/day reduced share the sender will receive starting with April 16, 2021, in order to mitigate the possible advantage of the block reward for current validators. 2) The 'Launch' smart contract will stay open until April 15, 2022 (1 year). This is when it is clear what the exact circulating supply is, while the total supply will never exceed more than 300m ATS.

Token Distribution: Total xATS token supply: 300m The distribution will be re-allocated, where 20% of the xATS token will go to the xATS Sender and 10% or max. 30m xATS tokens are reserved for a Gnosis Auction and the subsequent Honeyswap listing.

About 70% or the difference to reach a total token supply of 300m xATS will be reserved in the Community Pool to be released towards the ARTIS DAO which will be governed with the gATS token.

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