Multimodal Traveling Platform

Travel is a massive emitter of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants, which will therefore change towards green travel with higher convenience and security.

Even when we travel is currently hampered due to COVID-19, we all will see a surge in the travel industry as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted again. But this will act against any measure to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2040.

Therefore let's paint a less grim picture how we envision traveling for the future, but before we do that, we want to make sure to get the idea across by showing you how the 'centralized' version of such a platform looks like.

There are basically three global companies on the planet in control of all bookings and they have a fairly poor reputation when it comes to securing your personal data.

Improvements in security, convenience and implementation speed will be possible and the management of tickets and payments could be easily done in the following way:

  • Travelers get their ticket(s) sent to their personal wallet, e.g. Minerva

  • Tickets are Verifiable Credentials and can be checked independently

  • Verifiable Credentials can be combined to Verifiable Presentations acting as a combined ticket

  • Claiming final payment can be automated once a certain mode of transport is used or in case of not using a pre-booked transport, a refund can be claimed by the traveler.

Decentralization is a key success factor in this use case, as the centralized approach is rigid and expensive. Once we see a little better penetration of DIDs, VCs and digital wallets, it will become obvious to everyone that this is a massive improvement over the status quo.

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