Getting ATS coins

ATS coins are the native currency on the ARTIS ∑1 blockchain network and are needed to pay transaction fees and to run a validator.

ATS via OTC Sale

ATS is currently not listed on a DEX or a CEX and therefore the only option to get larger amounts of ATS is via over-the-counter sale.

Currently the lab10 collective is selling a limited amount of ATS to accredited investors (>50k €) with a full KYC/AML check.

Everybody else interested in ARTIS 2.0 should join the Discord server and have a look at the fair Gnosis Auction.

Get ATS20 on Ethereum

Stopped: ATS20 can't be purchased anymore on Ethereum mainnet!

If you send ETH to this contract the transaction will fail and you loose your transaction fee!

You could get your hands onto ATS20 on Ethereum by sending ETH to the contract: 0xcc1320a48c76385e17e4e1c759ce8ea1d11687c2

Further details on how it worked:

To transform these ATS20 into ATS, they have to be moved back to the ARTIS ∑1 blockchain via the ATS <> ATS20 bridge.

tATS on ARTIS τ1 Testnet

If you just want to deploy your DApp onto the ARTIS τ1 Testnet or experiment with Minerva wallets (see Wallets) then you can get your first tATS coins from the faucet:

pagetATS Faucet

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