Liquidity & Staking

ARTIS ∑2 will be secured via the ATS token and consequently it is essential to enable easy, decentralized staking for everyone also before the blockchain is started.

The 2-Token system was pioneered by xDai Chain and is now a well established in the crypto ecosystem. In order to have a sustainable and secure system, all participants in ARTIS 2.0 will be offered various ways to get rewarded.

Before the genesis of the ARTIS ∑2 blockchain, the xATS token can be used to provide liquidity on the Honeyswap DEX or used in various DeFi protocols on the xDai Chain.

xATS on xDai Chain

Liquidity Provider

Decentralized exchanges like Honeyswap, allow everyone to become a Liquidity Provider (LP) and receive rewards based on their share of the liquidity pool.


EasyStaking is a protocol developed by the POA Network for the xDai Chain and is currently only available on Ethereum for the STAKE token. Nevertheless, is could be easily deployed on xDai Chain and serve in a similar way for xATS token and provide rewards for every staking participant.


There are several farming protocols developed on xDai Chain, which allow the rewarding of participants. It is up to the ARTIS DAO what and how much incentives are provided for particular protocols.


xATS token are converted to ATS token once the bridge to ARTIS ∑2 is established. The main purpose of ATS token in be beginning will be the use in the POSDAO system.

Candidates need to stake ATS token in order to become part of the active Validators. Delegators, which don't want to run their own blockchain servers can earn rewards for supporting the best Candidates to become Validators.

The paper about the POSDAO system, by Igor Barinov et al. can be found here.

ATS on Ethereum

The by far most active DeFi ecosystem is on the Ethereum blockchain and therefore it is also planed for the Step 2 exchange listing, to move ATS to Ethereum using the recently enabled reverse Omnibrige connecting xDai Chain with Ethereum for native xDai Chain ERC20 token.

ATS on Binance Smart Chain

Binance has launched its Smart Chain (BSC) in September 2020 and there is already a working Omnibridge connecting the BSC with the xDai Chain. This can be used to move ATS to the Binance DeFi ecosystem, e.g. PancakeSwap.

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