ARTIS is the decentralized backbone for tomorrow’s #ZeroCarbonSociety.
We came to realize that the only way to solve the climate crisis fast enough, is by enabling ordinary citizens to take matters regarding the production and use of energy into their own hands.
This demands a high performance, secure and versatile blockchain system, which serves as a foundation for Energy Communities, energy trading, data markets, asset tokenization and community currencies. Therefore, we build the ARTIS blockchain network with the most performant consensus algorithm - Honey Badger BFT - and it will be governed and funded by the community through staking and on-chain voting via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
ARTIS 2.0 is a highly efficient, real-time blockchain system, offering zero transaction fees and streaming money.
Further information about ARTIS 2.0 (ARTIS ∑2) can be found in the roadmap, the comparison and in the launch details.
The ARTIS 2.0 blockchain network is build with the sustainable energy and mobility market in mind. Consequently, it needs to be easily accessible for everyone, while providing the technical prerequisites to manage large numbers of participants and IoT devices, with lowest possible cost and attractive rewards for supporters.
Economical sustainability and the security of the ARTIS 2.0 network is guaranteed through its native token ATS which will be used in several staking options.


Transactions on ARTIS 2.0 will be processed and finalized instantly, typically within 1-2 seconds. So there is no waiting time and recipients enjoy high security. Superfluid data- and cashflows between accounts will be natively integrated in ARTIS 2.0 enabling instant and on-demand subscriptions to all sorts of services.


The need for a minimal energy consumption in combination with high security and performance was driving the development of ARTIS 2.0 and as a result the energy efficiency will be at least 500x better than a regular Visa transaction. Making it the most efficient blockchain system available.


ARTIS 2.0 is build for individuals, organizations and IoT devices and provides the infrastructure to handle decentralized identity and data in the most open and secure way. Data from all possible sources can then be used for machine learning in order to create a thriving ecosystem and solve the challenges of our time.


ARTIS 2.0 will be the worlds first stable-chain using a digital Euro for transaction fees in combination with other stable tokens for payments. Additionally, applications will get the option to pay no transaction fee, simplifying the usability dramatically.
ARTIS 2.0 is build for the next generation of the internet - the Web 3.0 High performance, low energy consumption and effortless interaction are the design principles, enabling a better and fairer internet for all.
The ARTIS 2.0 blockchain network is build for the sustainable energy and mobility market and using several technological advancements which makes this network outstandingly good for IoT applications.
The analysis of the energy and mobility markets needs over the last two years showed that it is best to leave the current ARTIS ∑1 blockchain network as is and start a new blockchain network (ARTIS 2.0 == ARTIS ∑2), with all the needed features at once.
3 Core Innovations
  1. 1.
    Honey Badger BFT Consensus
  2. 2.
    Streaming Money - Superfluid Data- & Cashflows
  3. 3.
    2-Token Stable-Chain Design
  • sEUR for transaction fees and payments
  • Zero-transaction fees for whitelisted applications
  • Honey Badger BFT consensus with special properties:
    • Censorship resistant
    • No MEV ('Miner Extractable Value')
    • Instant finality - about 1-2 sec.
    • Fully asynchronous behavior
    • Very high performance - e.g. 450 tx/sec.
  • Native streaming money support (standardized by Superfluid)
  • Permissionless Validator access with POSDAO staking system
  • EVM compatible and scalable via L2 protocols (e.g. Arbitrum)
  • Low relative and total energy consumption - e.g. 500x more efficient per transaction than Visa
The ARTIS ∑2 blockchain will be fully managed by the ARTIS DAO via the gATS governance token. Decentralizing the governance of the blockchain system is also essential to be in line with possible upcoming regulations.
Transition from ARTIS ∑1
The ARTIS ∑2 network will have a completely new token distribution and is not connected to the current ARTIS ∑1 network. It looks like that the ARTIS ∑1 network doesn't find enough supporters to be maintained in the future and therefore it is recommended to join ARTIS ∑2. (Transition Details)