ARTIS ∑2 will provide outstanding stability and resilience.

Innovation continues to flourish in the blockchain space and every insider could see the massive growth during the last years and finally also reflected in valuations on the crypto market.

The ARTIS ∑1 blockchain was a highly innovative system in 2018, but now in 2021 we can see that a simple upgrade wouldn't serve the market demand good enough. Therefore the ARTIS 2.0 redesign will result in the completely new ARTIS ∑2 blockchain system, incorporating the learning from the last 5 years in the blockchain space.

Build for DeFi

DeFi is essential for every public blockchain system in order to reduce the friction for use cases and provide the best efficiency for markets.

ARTIS ∑2 will have a high performance, instant finality, avoid frontrunning and will be fully censorship resistant.

Built for Data

Data will be the next big market potential on blockchain systems, but all DeFi blockchains run into problems with prohibitive transaction fees.

ARTIS ∑2 will provide zero or low transaction fees, with high predictability for use cases, canceling the fear of uneconomical businesses.

Built for Identity

Identity is typically in the hands of central providers, private or public and they tend to exploit their power over these identities.

ARTIS ∑2 will give people and organization their sovereignty over their identity back and with that it enables an independent and flourishing innovation space.


We live on a crowded planet and ARTIS 2.0 will help to make the world a better place, by consuming as little resources as possible and help to solve may climate related issues, taping into the biggest markets we know - ENERGY and DATA.

The time is now to become an active promoter for the most efficient technologies available and ARTIS 2.0 is the answer to many of our pressing challenges we need to solve in the next decades.

We look forward to go with you onto this journey.

Your ARTIS Team

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