The following features render ARTIS as the best decentralized blockchain network to be the backbone for applications fighting the climate crisis.

Sovereign Operating System

ARTIS strives to offer all key elements needed to build and maintain sovereignty for individuals and organizations. The Sovereign Operating System is built for IoT, people and corporations in order to go well beyond GDPR compliance for personal data and reduce the lock-in friction for corporations.

The energy and mobility system needs fast and diverse innovation, which is why the Sovereign Operating System is designed to promote open innovation for all.

Key elements of the Sovereign Operating System are:

  • DID and Verifiable Credential management

  • Wallet for identity and asset management

  • Decentralization and scalability roadmap

  • DAO and community currencies formation

  • Decentralized storage and proxy re-encryption

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

ARTIS is well beyond 500x more energy efficient than Visa and can therefore process transactions in a much more sustainable way. More details on that - see ARTIS Energy Efficiency.

The upcoming ARTIS 2.0 'Moon' network upgrade and the introduction of the Honey Badger BFT consensus algorithm allows to improve processing speed, while maintaining the low energy consumption despite improved decentralization.

This is especially important when considering future operational cost for the network, leading towards sustainable coin economics (aiming for a caped supply).

Built for People, IoT and Corporations

With the ARTIS 2.0 'Moon' network upgrade the introduction of Honey Badger BFT consensus and POSDAO, the network will improve a lot in its robustness, decentralization, performance (TPS) and processing speed. This will be important for all applications to simplify blockchain interactions (e.g. waiting times) and increase the security of the network, when adopting a public delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS).

Honey Badger BFT - Specifics:

  • Fully Asynchronous: Maximum throughput for current network conditions.

  • No fixed Block Time: Blocks are created on-demand, no mandatory waiting time.

  • Low Latency: Transactions are getting processed without artificial delay.

  • Instant Finality: Every block is final and there is no possibility for forking.

  • No Waste: Blocks are only produced when needed, no energy and space is wasted.

  • Censorship resistant, no MEV: Due to threshold cryptography typical problems of other blockchain systems are unknown to HBBFT.

POSDAO, Public dPoS & Governance - Specifics:

  • POSDAO: There will be 100 slots for Candidates, which will be selected as Validators by the protocol.

  • Staking: Validators, Candidates and Delegators secure the network with their stake and get rewarded.

  • Governance: The pool of Candidates will be actively managed through the governance mechanism.

Connected to xDai Chain and Ethereum

There are three bridges between ARTIS ∑1 and Ethereum and soon there will also be a bridge between ARTIS ∑1 and xDai Chain.

Right now the ATS20 (ERC-20 token) can be bought on Ethereum with a simple ETH payment. This is providing a simple way to get hold of some tokens, e.g. for deploying contracts or doing other transactions on the ARTIS ∑1 mainnet.

The bridge between ARTIS ∑1 and xDai Chain enables simple bi-directional transfers of ATS and in a second step also the transfer of any token between the two networks. This is a first step towards the listing of ATS or other ARTIS hosted tokens on Honeyswap.

Scalability - Energy Innovation Platform

The ARTIS network can be scaled horizontally and vertically, meaning by increasing the block gas limit to e.g. 20m, it is possible to put 450 transactions in one block and with the Honey Badger BFT consensus blocks can be finalized within 1 second.

Beyond this capacity there is an ever growing group of solutions for Layer 2 protocols - e.g. Optimistic Rollups and ZK-Rollups, which provide about 100x scaling of L1 (=Visa scale capacity).

This will allow to keep transaction cost low and because of the active node software development tailored to the energy and mobility sector, ARTIS is the go-to energy innovation platform.

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