ARTIS 1.0 <> ARTIS 2.0 Comparison

ARTIS 2.0 will start as a new blockchain network in Q3/2021.

ARTIS 1.0 will be stopped in April 2022.

Technical Base Layer

ARTIS 2.0 is similar to the xDai Chain and uses the sEUR token from Synthetix as its coin and for payments on the network. The use of a stable coin like sEUR has the advantage of a better predictability of transaction fees calculated in Euro.

The outstanding technical difference to other blockchain systems is the use of the fully asynchronous Honey Badger BFT consensus and the native support of streaming money using the Superfluid protocol.

Security for ARTIS 2.0 will be delivered via the ATS token, which has to be staked by Candidates / Validators and is also used by Delegators in the dPOS like POSDAO system.

Operation & Governance

Transaction fees will be zero for whitelisted applications and otherwise will be paid in sEUR in order to make cost predictable for businesses.


The total token supply for ARTIS 2.0 will be defined by the migration of ATS* coming from ARTIS 1.0 via the xDai Chain enabled for 1 year. The migration is described here.

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