Satellite Monitored Carbon Sequestration

Regenerative agriculture is likely the only non-technical solution to bring climate change under control.

For a long time we have been skeptical when someone is offsetting their emissions with 'tree planting' or 'soil improvements' in often far away foreign countries. We also stay skeptical and likely so will you, if you read this.

Nevertheless, if capturing carbon in soils is done properly, it becomes a tremendously important measure to utilize earths vast areas of degraded land, when combating climate change. This in combination with a stop on cutting down forests can actually get us back to sustainable CO2 levels in the atmosphere, at about 280 ppm.

In many projects it was proven that it is possible to monitor the water cycle, deforestation and soil carbon sequestration via satellites, e.g. from ESA and NASA. This can be used to dramatically simplify the measurements and avoid fraudulent reporting to sell carbon credits.

Carbon credits are today already a large business sector, but this business is poised to grow dramatically, as long as energy generation, industrial processes and transport system have not fully transitioned to a sustainable operation.

We see a large business opportunity to make sure that carbon sequestration can be trusted and that there is an open market to buy these carbon credits on a global scale via cryptocurrency secured by the ARTIS blockchain system.

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