ARTIS ∑2 democratizes not just money, but also data and identities. Therefore, challenging data and identity monopolies through radical decentralization.

In todays increasingly data driven world we head towards monopolistic structures, where very few powerful entities control our lives, our governments and the future of smaller organizations.

Bitcoin was invented to challenge the governmental sovereignty of money and during 2020 it became apparent, that DeFi on Ethereum is in fact challenging the whole financial system.

While the path is clearly laid out for money, it is less apparent for identities and for data. This is where ARTIS ∑2 will have a much higher focus, by providing the infrastructure for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and connections towards decentralized storage systems like Swarm or IPFS.

IoT devices, individuals and organizations will need tamperproof identities to tap into the new data economy and they will also own their keys. Paraphrasing Andreas Antonopoulos: "Not your keys, not your money, not your data, not your identity".

ARTIS ∑2 will enable new data marketplaces for everyone and every thing.

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