Step 1: Transition Bridge

This TokenBridge is made for the transition from ARTIS ∑1 to ARTIS 2.0.

Only if you have ATS coins on ARTIS ∑1, you have to do this step.

When transferring coins / tokens over bridges, you need to make sure that you can access the used account address on the recipient blockchain. The simplest way is by using wallets which support both chains, so that you can see the token on the other chain right away. Recommended wallets are:

Send ATS from ARTIS ∑1 to xDai Chain

You have to send your ATS coins via a mediator contract to the xDai Chain and there you will get the xATS_tmp (ERC20) tokens. This xATS_tmp tokens will be received on the same address on the xDai Chain.

  • Minimum transfer amount: 10 ATS

  • Gas Limit: min. 200,000 GWei

Check your gas settings for Metamask to be correct, before confirming the transaction.

Send the desired ATS coin amount to the mediator contract at: 0x0b683eB188F83FA7a3243282e5d384eb4f1c3408

The contract can be found via the ARTIS ∑1 blockchain explorer (here) and is available on Github (here).

Receive xATS_tmp on xDai Chain

On the xDai Chain you receive xATS_tmp token in the same amount as you have sent to the mediator contract.

In Alphawallet you should see the xATS_tmp token automatically, but for Metamask and MyCrypto you will have to add the token to make it visible in your wallet.

The xATS_tmp token contract address to add the token to the wallet is: 0x49d2BB4A247E38b817E9404246DBc48Ca6707831

The xATS_tmp token contract can be found via the xDai Chain blockchain explorer (here).

Additionally every account will get 0.01 xDai to pay for transaction fees.

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