ARTIS 2.0 starts as a truly decentralized blockchain system and is right from the start managed by the ARTIS DAO.

ARTIS DAO governance is composed of three elements: Communication, Voting and Treasury.

The ARTIS DAO will move from a multi-sig solution to a fully decentralized system governed by the gATS token. The gATS token will be used as soon as the currently developed on-chain / off-chain system is available.

While the details have still to be defined, it is clear that the gATS token will be connected to a bonding curve in order to separate the ATS / xATS token mainly used for staking from the gATS token which is used for voting. The bonding curve for the gATS token works like an automated market maker for everyone willing to sell or buy gATS token at its current xATS price.



The main communication channel will be on Discord in order to allow a playful and rewarding working ground. Everyone seeking to get funding from the ARTIS DAO is encouraged to engage with the community on Discord and discuss ideas and proposals.


The forum will be a more structured way to discuss ideas and proposals and gain momentum before putting something to a vote. Especially if someone is asking for money from the treasury, it will most likely only be accepted, if a proper discussion took place and the proposal is clear.


In the beginning the vote will have to be made by every gATS token holder, but over time also systems with liquid democracy will be considered.

Funding Proposals

Fundings should benefit the wider ARTIS ecosystem, be it DApps building on top of ARTIS or business development and marketing activities to extend the number of use cases. Funding proposals will have to go through a predefined process on the forum in order to be eligible for voting and they will be held in regular intervals (e.g. monthly).

Opinion Polls

Finding a common sentiment is helpful with prioritizing work and discovering blind spots in the ecosystem. Therefore regular opinion polls on various subjects can be held and they will likely have a less formal process on the Discord server.

Protocol Votings

Voting on protocol changes will include the rewarding of validators as well as actions against malicious validators. Changes to the core protocol, be it requirements for candidates or staking parameters have to be put up for a vote as well. Especially every vote which affects the sustainability of the protocol will go through an extensive discussion process, in order to do informed decisions.


Every decentralized system needs a sustainable way of funding and the ARTIS DAO is equipped with its own treasury in order to fund and subsidize activities for the ARTIS ecosystem.

As outlined in the Tokenomics, there are 4 Phases: Growth, Mature, Stable and Value. For each of them the available amounts of ATS token as well as other value holding assets will vary, but once the Value Phase is reached, the inflows should match the outflows. Guaranteeing a sustainable operation for the whole ecosystem.

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